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Tom Delonge Style Strat: Part 3

So if you read my last blog post, you would know that I was leaning towards painting my Tom Delonge strat green. I’m going to make the assumption that by now you have figured out that this isn’t going to be the boring old Surf Green found on the official Delonge Strats. I wanted something different, something that would stand out!

After I had spent a substantial amount of time honing my skills at the arts of spray painting while applying the primer, It was a pretty simple task to apply the colour to body and headstock of the guitar. Again I ran some 1200 grit wet and dry sand paper over the body to smooth out some of the small blemishes. Similar to the primer I think I would have applied 7-8 coats overall to achieve full coverage across the body and sides.

IMG_20160625_141740 IMG_20160625_141805
After the first few coats of Lime Green

IMG_20160626_115532 IMG_20160731_141620
Finished body and Headstock